We propose a cost-effective total solution to suffice our clients’ needs for salt spray tests ranging from 1,000 to 3,000+ hours.


XIOD® COATING applies the advanced anti-rust coating technology of the international patent and complies with ISO 9223 C5 and CNS 13401 C5 which both requires a certain lifespan to be demonstrated in the severest corrosive environment.

XIOD® COATING enjoys service life for at least 15 years and exhibits a high level of corrosion resistance.

Simulation results of the real climate of sea water immersion for 365 days(Cyclic Corrosion Testing)

Through the real environment of the sea water and sun drilling screws on the cyclic corrosion test, the 365-day cycle after immersion and exposure to get the results.

* XIOD surface treatment sample Screws, No red rust.
* XIOD surface treatment sample Screws, No red rust.
* #410 Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Screws, Red rust on drill part & thread part as well as head part.
* #302 SS Head Self-Drilling Screws, Serious red rust on drill part & thread part as well as peeling, loss.

High Corrosion Resistance High Strength Bolt Sets Used in Solar PV Power Generation System in Seaside
This job site of Solar PV Power Generation System is located on the roof of Jhong Jhou Elementary School, which is near by sea in Qijin District, Kaohsiung City. The solar PV system in this job site is extremely harsh that due to the under mentioned environmental impact: 
*High Temperature
*High Humidity
*High Salt Damage
*Contact at the first place of windward once the monster typhoon landing Taiwan

Introduction to the coastal environment of Taiwan Orchid Island Marine Exposure Test Site

Orchid Island possesses beautiful scenery and rich natural resources. It is located in the coastal island-type climate with high temperature, high humidity and high salt damage, as well as northeast monsoon and typhoon. Such kind of climate is classified as typical ISO 9223 C5, the highest corrosive working environment. We set up this "Marine Exposure Test Site" in 2016 with the worst and severest coastal wind environment, carrying out long-term verification work for marine corrosion resistance on each testing specification.







XIOD®‬‭ Technology

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