2018 Taiwan International Fastener Show


The 3rd largest in globe and Asia's second largest “Taiwan International Fastener Show” was held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center on April 10~12, 2018. Mr. Peter Cook, owner of the Australian technology parent company, is also the inventor of XIOD high corrosion resistance coating, Mr. Peter Cook leaded the main operating cadre to come to Taiwan to participate in the show and introduce the ALZIN series coating products to the foreign visitors.


The under mentioned, the “ALZIN XIOD Coating Demo Stand” regarding to the total tested 689 days of Taiwan orchid island marine exposure test is the “Group A Test Panel” originally installed in orchid island. During the exhibition period, it attracted quite a lot of attention, several foreign buyers mentioned that this demo stand demonstrated by us were the only one exhibited at the booths during their many years of visited several international exhibitions. Our XIOD coating products that have undergone long-term marine exposure and keep the good shaped in test result, it is instead of only displaying new products and only the salt spray test report can be referenced. buyers are impressed and be convincing. Both parties have triggered the future dealing opportunities.