XIOD®, the patent coating technology, has been researched and developed for many years. Applying to the surface of self-drilling screws, XIOD® exhibits a high level of corrosion resistance. XIOD® fasteners enjoy lifespan from at least 15 years to 50 years, with which commercially available products bear no comparison. The service life of traditional fasteners lasts for a relatively short period of time once being exposed in a highly corrosive environment. The question is – How do we make a breakthrough to transcend the restricted service life of commercially available products? The answer hinges on the coating of high density zinc-tin alloy, which is tightly and completely fused together with fasteners as a whole and remains perfectly intact even after installation. The anti-rust coating also complies with the European ELV regulations that require durability and environmental friendliness.
Our XIOD® anti-rust coating enjoys service life for at least 15 years and complies with ISO 9223 C5 and CNS 13401 C5, which both requires a certain lifespan to be demonstrated in the severest corrosive environment. More importantly, XIOD® anti-rust coating covers a wide range of applications and performs high-speed drilling without resistance that happens in the case of stainless steel screws. To one’s delight, the relative cost of XIOD® fastener is lower than that of the stainless steel screw. These advantages, easy to install and cost effective, will replace the common usage of bi-metal screws in the market.



1. No hexavalent chromium
2. ALZIN® XP exhibits corrosion durability for over 35 and 15 years in the simulation tests of ISO 9223 Class 4 (high corrosivity) and Class 5 (very high corrosivity) respectively.
3. The coating is tightly fused together with the screw as a whole and ensured to remain intact even after the screw is drilled through substances.
4. The coating enhances the drilling speed of screws significantly
5. The powder and paint sprayed on screws are highly adhesive
6. 100% UV resistant
7. The coating may partially replace outdoor application of stainless steel fasteners and cost.